Mainland Metals will remove most metal products found on a typical commercial or residential site. The metals take many forms, anything from car bodies, cans to wire and pipes. We recycle all different sorts of metal products, which are divided up in the scrap metal recycling industry into two categories, ferrous and nonferrous metals.


Ferrous metals:

These metals, scrap iron and steel, are magnetic, and are generally heavier than most non-ferrous metals.

  • Cast iron - baths, pipework, tractors
  • Heavy steel - machinery, framework
  • Light grade steel - tin, flashings,

Non-ferrous metals:

These metals are non magnetic and are generally lighter and more valuable than ferrous metals.

  • Aluminium - cans
  • Copper - hot water cylinders, copper wire, pipes
  • Brass - tap ware, ornaments, turnings
  • Stainless steel - benches, tanks, pots
  • Lead - flashings, pipe work