Mainland Metals in Christchurch provides the following services for its customers:

  • we come to your site
  • we weigh and assess your scrap metal
  • we accurately price the scrap
  • we pay you cash for your scrap
  • we remove the scrap metal from your site
  • we price mass cleanups
  • we are experts at post-demolition removals.


Mainland Metals also provides a valuable service to the community, as scrap metal is a reusable resource and recycling scrap metals has major benefits for the environment.

Environmental Benefits

Recycling scrap metal has the following environmental benefits:

  • it requires a lot less energy to produce steel products from recycled scrap metal than from ore extracted from the ground
  • it saves energy and protects the depletion of our natural resources
  • it helps protect our landfills by preventing unwanted metals from ending up in them, leaching toxic metal components into the soil.


Unlike most other recyclables, scrap metals can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its properties. Almost all metal products can be recycled in some way.

Mainland Metals services the South Island by picking up your unwanted scrap metal. We come to you, weigh your scrap metal and give you the best possible price.

Our Trucks

We have six trucks, which are a range of sizes to cater to all loading and hauling jobs. We have both Hiab and Grapple combinations, and a seven tone flat deck with tail lift function for tricky little jobs. We have a Gantry truck, with bins to fill at your leisure.

Drums, Bins And Skips

Drums, bins and skips can be placed on your site and we can collect them whenever it suits. We are happy to advise you on what is the most appropriate bin for your site.


Friendly, Professional Service

We have the ‘can do’ approach to all jobs and offer a totally professional service. We are honest and reliable and treat all our customers in the same friendly manner, which gives you confidence in your choice of scrap metal dealer.